HELP !!! Long Term Fatigue after surgery

Flav1234 Member Posts: 14
I am new to this site as I am trying to find help for my fiance; he had a right front temporal Astrocytoma removed 12 years ago. 20% of his brain was removed via surgery.

Every day we chase after neurologists, psychiatrists, and programs looking for someone to help us. Flavio suffers everyday from the brain damage inflicted by that tumor and the surgery that followed. I sometimes am amazed by the amount of courage he had to search for that hope that one day he will not wake up and feel the way he does; lately he has lost this hope and only wishes he would die. So I am reaching out to my community for help...

Flavio's fatigue plagues him everyday and is getting worse. His headaches and dizziness have never subsided, he is now mimicking mental disorders that are ripping our lives apart and his depression comes in long waves. We are tired. I am tired.

I need help finding someone who can help us, a rehab program, a clinical trial, a neuro specialist .... anyone

I would love to hear suggestions because I feel like I am out of options.