Did or is this happening to you with vulvar cancer

I was doing some re search on vulvar cancer and found this website www.doctoresdoctor.com
and they had a topic on Squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva. It said that Occasionally, these tumors may produce a parathyroid hormone substance resulting in hypercalcemia. Then I looked up hypercalcemia and found that these are they symtoms of hypercalcemia sometime there are no symptoms. I know I had about 4 of those for about a year before they removed the tumor. I was told that there is no blood test for vulvar cancer but if some tumors produce a parathriod you can do test. Why dont they do that. Im going to ask my new doctor once they find another one for me do to my move to another state about this. If you can do a blood test and a visual test why not. This can save many people lives.

Nausea and vomiting
Loss of appetite
Excessive thirst
Frequent urination
Abdominal pain
Muscle weakness
Muscle and joint aches
Lethargy and fatigue
kidney stones