pre leukemia

buttercup 41501
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i have high platelets been diagnosed with pre leukemia have nodule in lung and in neck just watching these no changes does anyone else on here have this


  • jacksrap
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    I am not sure what pre leukemia is, but thought I would let you know about me. I have SLL/CLL. It started out as SLL, which is a lymphoma cancer, in the group of Non-hodgkins lymphoma. When I was finally diagnosed, in Dec 2010 it had spread to my blood, which made it SLL/CLL. SLL(small lymphocytic lymphoma)(CLL is chronic lymphocytic leukemia).

    I mention this because, while it was SLL, it was not considered leukemia, only when it advanced to CLL was it considered leukemia.

    I can feel the lymph nodes in my neck, and some in my stomach, which is what SLL would show. If you are not seeing a Hematologist/Ocologist, you may want to. They are the best when it comes to both lymphoma and leukemia cancers. I would recommend that you not use your local GP if at all possible, they may not know enough about this cancer. It is rare, and very treatable.

    By the way, even though I am considered stage 4, I feel great, and still on watch and wait, and doing almost, everything I was doing before, I got this thing.

    Wishing you the best.