Breast Shrinking 10 years later.....please help

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Hi there. My mom is a 10 year IDC breast cancer survivor. She was treated with lumpectomy/rads/hormone therapy. She recently noticed the treated breast has shrunk in size. Could this be a late side effect of radiation all those years ago? She had a normal mammogram last week. I am worried this could be a new problem. Any ideas?? Thanks!


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    have it checked out
    You mom should have the oncologist check it out. Could be the scar tissue, or as we get older some of us get smaller. The doc may suggest an MRI. Always good to check things out....
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    I am 9 years out and had a similar treatment and now what seems to be shrinkage. Recently saw my surgeon who said this is common. The radiated breast continues to form scar tissue. The unaffected breast can change size because of weight gain or loss. As long as imaging does not indicate a problem, there is no concern. Depending on where you live, particular states, like mine, allow surgical ' adjustments ' until you are satisfied. At my age, I told the surgeon I did not want to consider more surgery unless necessary. So I may be a little off balance…. if I was that vain, there are plenty of fashion products out there to enhance the appearance, or for my generation, tissues in the box (LOL). Hoping for an all clear for your Mom as well!

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    Always best to check with doctor for sure. I am a 7 year survivor and had same treatment as your mother. My breast has gotten smaller each year. I now sew extra modesty pads into the one side of my bra to even it out in my clothes.