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...and I'm curious about what others are experiencing too.

"Do you happen to know the difference in the reading [blood pressure] between the arm and the calf? Mine is higher but I don't know if it is the leg or the chemo or what that has made it higher. I want to try a test but I am a chicken..... I don't want to risk the lymph edema in the arm."

My blood pressure has been elevated the last couple of months (started on lisinopril) and my PCP says that BP is higher farther away from your heart. So I'd love to hear if you have a 'new normal' when it comes to your blood pressure, especially if you've had a bilateral and have the BP done on your leg.

Mammolady, I love having your expertise on this board. Thank you for sharing.

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    I don't know Linda, but,
    I don't know Linda, but, maybe someone else can answer this for us.

    Hugs, Jan