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hi my name is stephanie i was wondering is there any way that you could be diagnosied with hodgkins lymphoma and it be the other non hodgkins. the reason i ask is becuase the symptoms im having and i have a tumor in my bone. in the bone marrow and everything i research on about that brings me too non hodgkins. i was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma stage IVb in 2006. ive been in remission for 4 yrs now but for the past 6 months im going back down hill with the way i feel. im 27 now and have 2 kids. im worried it might be back. plus about a little over a month ago i found a lump in the rigth breast. not painful and its solid. and the lymph nodes under my arms are swollen. and a bunch more symptoms. im just wondering if it possible for them to misdiagnosis me. being that there symptoms are very similar. please and info would be apprecated thank you . and good luck to everyone that has been diagnosed with cancer youll be in my prayer and be strong.


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    Hi Stephanie
    Darling I was

    Hi Stephanie

    Darling I was diagnoised with stageIVB hugkin just as yours and I had it in my bone marrow too. I also saw other patients with similar experiene. I am not sure but perhpas it has been hugkin other wise the Chemo should have been completely different and would not have worked on you at th time, but it seems it did. I think you should go to Ocologist darling and check immediately, becuase firstly get it off your head and secondly even if relapse you are catching it early and it is much easier to treat. Please my dear go to oncologist ( at least two if you can ) and check it out as soon as you can. you are in my prayer, and do not stress out, attitude is so important as you know. I finished my chemo less that two months ago and dealing for some post treatment depression but I know is all about attitude and unless I do not change my attitude it is painful. take care darlign and youare in my prayers.