Brain and Lung Melanoma

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My husband, who is 51, has melanoma in his brain and lungs. He has had radiation and is currently getting chemo. His doctors told him 6 months to a year at best. We will know if the brain lesions spread in a few weeks when he has an MRI of his brain. It is devasting as you all know.

I do not wish to complain. I am here because I have no family and no one to talk to. My husband is fortinate since he has a large family who is extremely supportive. I am not comfortable going to them. His Mom is only 70. The picture of health. I am here to vent and to ask what others do??? I guess I should join a group but havent gotten to that point.

Thanks for listening and any advice is welcome and appreciated. I live On Long island in NY>


  • palmyrafan
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    I am so sorry to hear about your husband.

    Regardless of the type of brain tumor (or any cancer for that matter) I don't buy into "time limits". Many people view those as self-fulfilling and may even decide it's not worth fighting to try to stay alive. My own personal opinion, but I feel it is best for a doctor to say "we don't know how long anyone truly has" and leave it at that. For no one does know how long any of us has.

    As for the support, I would suggest talking to his family. You both share a love of the same person and it may bring you incredible peace and comfort when difficult decisions have to be made.

    I will pray for your husband's treatment and for a positive MRI exam.

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    My daughter is 27 & had been diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic melanoma. She is being treated at Hillman Cancer center by a Dr who specializes in melanoma. Has your husband been tested for the braf mutation?