survivor of childhood medulloblastoma

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My daughter is a 22 year survivor of medulloblastoma. She had a minor auto accident and when they did a CT scan they said they saw a small pill sized something. I am worried. Could this be nothing?


  • zahalene
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    Of course...
    you are worried.
    Your question can only be finally answered by your daughter's medical professionals, but take comfort from the fact that the body often has 'pea sized' formations that mean nothing. They can be small, harmless cysts or the body's natural 'covering' over of a few stray cells, much as an oyster covers a grain of sand over and over until a pearl is formed. I sincerely hope that your daughter's body is simply producing a 'pearl' which, when evaluated, will prove to be a 'gem' which will never need to be harvested.
    God bless.