anyone heared about immunization theropy for anaplastic astrocytoma grade-3

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HI,everyone, i am living in canada, one of my cousion was dignosed with stage3 anaplaastic astrocytoma earlyer this year. she is only 30,and has a cute little boy who's only 5. All my families feel so sad.

She already got a surgery and taking chemotheropy right now. Her husband heared about this immunization theropy from one of their friend, but there was no detail supplyed. so they ask me to the search it for them, cuz they dont know English.But all I found about it are some essays.

So I am here to ask if someone knows anything about it?Is it been use widely? share with us plz if U have any idea or have heard anything for U doc.



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    Vaccine Therapy
    You may have better luck if you Search under Brain tumor vaccine trials. Check the site below it may get you in the right direction. You are probably looking to search on things like malignant giloma as opposed to GBM. Also may want to try hospital sites (Sloan, UCLA, Cedars Sinai, Columbia, NYU, MD Anderson) They sometimes have things listed on this site that are not found (for whatever reason) on the gov site).

    Good Luck!!!
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    Yes it sounds promising....
    I too have read about this potential treatment, but I think it's still in trials.

    I can not help you further other than give you pointers that have helped me...

    I was diagnosed with an AA in August last year the size of an orange and had my tumor debulked in 2 surgeries over 2 days...

    I am pleased to say that I have been for 2 MRIs this year and had my last one last week and oncologists are pleased that the tumor seems stable. I have been on chemo since Dec and will continue for a further 3 months it seems.

    My experience this year has lead me recommend/do the follwing:

    Visit regularly as they seem to be very updated on latest news regarding treatments.

    Google isn't very helpful unless you know how to search to avoid the scam sites and negativity discussions so what I do is a google "news" search for my disease and then select according to week, day, month, or year. Trust me, you don't want to start going to random sites and searches in a panic.

    This cold virus treatment has bmade a couple of headlines this year and I contacted the firm doing it, but were closed for latest trials.

    There is also a drug called "Cotara" that I am waiting for my oncologist to find out about. Apparently, it's being fast tracked, but have no clue what that means.

    Whenever you hear of diets and stuff, please do a "quack" search on google to see if says it's a scam. The internet can be your friend or enemy with this or any disease. There are a TON of people trying to make a quick buck off innocents.

    Have strength and I encourage you to turn to our spiritual Father.