Given Lupron prior to hysterectomy

Kaleena Member Posts: 2,088 Member
Some of the posts here and some referring to prostate cancer got me thinking. When I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis, before they would do the surgery they wanted me on lupron for six months. They said it would stopped the endometriosis and make the scarring softer to be able to remove it a bit easier.

I did take the lupron but the surgery was still tough due to my severe scarring. It really didn't loosen it up that much.

Anyway, when looking at lupron discription, it is given to men who were diagnosed with prostate cancer as a pallative treatment. My thinking is this. Prior to my surgery and prior to taking this "medication", I had an vaginal ultrasound, a laparascopy - both of which only indicated endometrosis. I am wondering if the lupron actually "activated" the cancer cells. I ended up with some in my uteris and one ovary. Both contained within the tissues. It was determined that both areas were endometrial adencarcinoma.

I don't know now if I would have taken that medication but at the time I was in so much pain that I would double over. I felt like I was dying and it took 3 hours for meds to work. I wanted surgery immediately and really didn't want to wait 6 months which turned into 7 month.