surgery for other than the cancer

i am six weeks out from chemo(cisplatin/adriamycin for second recurrence) and had very painful gall bladder attack. Ever since cancer diagnosis 12/08, CT scans have commented on a large gallstone. Regular MD did ultrasound(and had it reviewed by gastroenterologist) and although gallbladder not yet enflamed and ducts not blocked, they are referring me to a surgeon as apparently only treatment is to remove it. I plan to discuss with my oncologist but I am curious if any of you have had surgery in area where tumors are located (I just had my post chemo scan but oncologist warns me that it may not be NED this time around due to size and number of tumors). Are there any questions you are aware of I should be asking surgeon or oncologist (the plan would be to do the surgery laparoscopically as gallbladder is not enflamed). Thanks for any guideance/info.


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    Unfortunatly, I have no experience with this but I am so very sad that you even have to make these decisions and that your cancer has recurred. Size and number of turmors you say so matter of factly. Think I wouldn't even be able to type.

    My heart goes out to you.