8 rads in!

Well I have had 8 rads so far on my throat. Starting to feel the pain, swallowing is hard.


  • jim and i
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    Don't let the pain get you
    Don't let the pain get you down. Get a calendar and mark of the treatments and focus on less treatments to go.

  • Skiffin16
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    Unfortunatley it's like the movie Ground Hog's Day...same thing day after day, after day, after day.....

    It's more than likely going to get worse...usually the worst is from around week 3 - 4, until a few weeks post rads.

    Keep up on any meds, lydocaine solutions, numbing liquids (oxicotin or hydrocodon) and pain meds. These will get you through the pain with the least difficulty.

    Not sure if you have a PEG or not, if so more than likely you'll be using it eventually.

    I didn't have one and that wasn't a problem, but I did have plenty of the above mentioned pain reducers to help me with getting in enough nutrition via Ensure Plus and soft sliced peached in light syrup for keeping the swallow muscles working.

    Hang Tough, it's a rough diet but you can get through it.

  • Jimbo55
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    Vancouver Girl
    8 down, hope the remaining rads go smoothly and quickly for you. Stay strong and try to stay active, I know it can be tough sometimes. Cheers.