Uterine cancer (endometrial cancer stage 3C grade 3) and uterine Sarcoma

Would love to hear from other late stage uterine cancer survivors.

October 2010 I had a radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal. All my reproductive organs were cancerous, cancerous abdominal and paraaortic lymph nodes, and a vaginal tumor. Pathology showed that I had two types of cancer growing in my uterus - and it's late stage.

I had 25 external radiation treatments with 5 Cisplatin chemo, then had 3 internal radiation and 6 Carbo/Taxol chemos. Treatment was rough on me. If there was a side effect to be had, I had it times 2.

My last treatment was mid May 2011. Yea!!! My hair, eyebrows, and eye lashes are finally growing back; and I have some energy again. My Gyn-Onc last week told me there is no sign of the vaginal tumor and my lastest scans came back clean.

I'm trying to take one day at a time and enjoy every aspect of life. But, I often wonder when cancer will rear its ugly head again.

Mary V.
Joliet, IL


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    Mary wrote " If there was a
    Mary wrote " If there was a side effect to be had, I had it times 2."

    AMEN ----me too, Mary. I was a zombie for 4 months during chemo, and then started radiation 3 weeks later. Had terrible side effects from that too. The only side effect of chemo I did not have was nausea, as the anti-nausea drugs took care of that and I was religious about taking them.

    My UPSC was also Stage 3-C , Grade 3, with one small contained tumor — but the one bad lymph node made it stage 3. Apparently no matter what stage UPSC is, it is all treated the same - aggressively.

    Having cancer is like standing over a live grenade. No matter how positive one is and how diligent, that grenade is always there, waiting to explode.