Out of Hospital

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My three week vacation was cut short by a week due to swelling in my esop. that made it imposssible to swallow anything. We made a miserable 15 hour trip back to Virginia and I was admitted to UVA at 2 in the morning, last saturday. Apparently some food had gotten stuck in my esop and caused irritation and swelling. When the endoscopy was done to find this, my heart went into A-Fib and I ended up on the cardiac floor for two days. Once back on the oncology unit, it was determined that the esop problem was not a new tumor (good news). There is a stricture in the lower part of my esop. I have an appointment today with the GI folks to get a clear picture of what it is and hopefully what has caused it and what can be done. I am back on my feeding tube and have been for about ten days. My porta cath has been removed due to blood clots around it. I have wanted it out for some time so this is a good thing in a sense. Am now on blood thinners for a month. The Oncology folks did start me back on my Xeloda regime last monday and the week went well. This is an off week. The heart problem is a little scarrey as it seems to happen with some Xeloda users. Please send up a little prayer this afternoon that something positive can be done to get me off the feeding tube again.


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    Prayers on the way.

    Prayers on the way.
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    I am sorry you have had to go through all of this. A-fib can be very scary, my husband
    had it after MIE and it was frightening for me. Take care of yourself and take it easy!

    I will keep you in prayer.