"Kitchen Table Wisdom"

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Hi Everyone,

i just recently read a book, titled KITCHEN TABLE WISDOM, by a Doctor named
Rachel Remen.
it's like no other book i have ever read, and is filled with wonderful stories, some
sad, but mostly gives a person a different perspective
seems like we have lost our way, living in a technological world, so this book
is very humanitarian oriented

The author was a philosophy major in college, who brings a lot of that to her
practice... not all doctors can be like her, and she is not saying they must be,
but its something to think about

a beautiful book



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    Thanks for sharing this.
    Thanks for sharing this. Hope you are doing well.

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    Great Book
    The nurse practitioner who owns the clinic where I receive my IVs has this book on the shelf. I've read it while receiving my IVs. It is a wonderful book.
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    I was given this book many
    I was given this book many years ago by a friend. I'm back on my fifth round of
    chemo - I need to go find it and read it again. I loved it! Thanks for reminding me:)