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Hi All,
I am having some bad health issues and am getting nowhere with physicians. I'm 39 years old and was diagnosed with hodgkins 2b in 2007. I went through about 15 rounds of chemo and about 15 of radiation also. After treatment I was clear of all cancer. About a year ago I began having chest pain. A couple times I had pnemonia pretty bad but really had no symptoms. The last 2 weeks my chest burns through to my back. My muscles surrounding my spine swell and get hard as a rock. Yesterday I went to the chiropractor and he said I had 2 ribs out again. He popped them in and for awhile I felt better. I've done this routine a few times to. Its always worse in the mornings and at night. If I'm feeling good and active I have little to no signs. I get severe anxiety at times to. Just out of the blue I will lose my concentration and its like I'm in a nervous fog. Most of the time my back problem immediately follows. Has anyone ever experienced this? I feel this is a physical problem however I have had all kinds of bloodwork, ekg's, chest xray, petscan, pretty much everything other than a cat scan. I don't feel its stress however I won't rule it out. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer right before I was diagnosed with hodgkins. Our path through cancer was real bad and she passed a few months ago. For a month or two I had major depression problems and finally found a deppresant to get me back on my feet. I don't feel depressed anymore, I'm in pretty good shape but I just cannot kick this problem. I was just wondering if anyone ever felt this way or had any suggestions. Thank you for listening and my thoughts and prayers are for you all fighting this rotten disease.


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    Hi Scott,
    I'm so sorry about the passing of your wife. Sounds like you both have been through some trying rough times. I'm glad the antidepressant is helping with the depression you've been dealing with. I think if I were you, I'd ask your doctor to get a CT scan done. It appears to be the only test you haven't done, so why not have it and see whats going on in your back and spine. If nothing else, it might eliminate a little more stress by knowing you have done everything possible in the form of testing. Stress can definetely cause some major health problems, both physically and mentally. It's also been said that too much stress can break the immune system down and create a perfect storm for cancer. Let us know what you decide to do and feel free "anytime" to come here and talk things out with all of us. We may not have the perfect answer or solution, but we sure know how it feels to be hurting and needing someone to talk with. My thoughts and prayers are with you too. Take care, and "Welcome" to our group. Sue
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