Plueral effusion

Tina Brown
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My cancer was diagnosed after I suffered double plueral effusion. I underwent 3 chest drains within 2/3 weeks of each other before I started on my chemo regime. 4 weeks into my treatment I was back in hospital having my 4th chest drain.

The irony of this was like a kick in the teeth as I was a road runner and used to run half marathons. My biggest concern throughout all of these procedures was not "the cancer" but was "Will I still be able to run?" I was assured by my surgeon that "yes, having a chest drain will not impair your lung function"

However now I have been given a break from chemo and am desperately trying to get back into my running. I had a 5th chest drain last Christmas and after my last CT scan was told I had scarring from all of the procedures.

So, I am trying to build up my running. I know my fitness is getting back in shape as I am able to swim. I went running last night and found myself breathing really hard and at times was struggling. I stopped at one point to be able to get my breath back. It feels like I have a steel band around the bottom of my lungs where the diaphram is and now, today, I just feel bruised.

Sorry to go on, but what I am trying to ask is, has anyone else had:

1. Problems with plueral effusion?
2. Had reoccuring soreness, pain or tightning of the chest after a chest drain?

I ask my oncologist but he is not a lung specialist and all he can say to me "Are you struggling to breathe when you are going about your normal day to day life" When I reply that I am fine and I can manage all of my normal activities he is not concerned.

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    no problems
    but I still get winded when I climb stairs or try to walk fast. I figure it is part of my side effects from chemo and I need to build up my endurance a little at a time. My friend told me to ride incumbant bike for 10 min and build up strength slow. Don't give up..val