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Hi guys,
I'm still disturbed about a post that was submitted to our group last night from a young man going by the username of "Mofo". Many of you may not have seen it before it was removed by the moderator, but I'm concerned that Bryan may have read it. I think as many of us as possible should post a comment under the discussion INTRODUCTION, submitted by Bryan, a father who came to us for suppoert in regards to the recent diagnosis of his son having cancer, and the fear he is dealing with. Hopefully Bryan will check back in and when and if he does, it would be great for him to see comments from all of showing our support and compassion. I know it's summer and everyone is busy, but we have a father and son going through a very scary and difficult time right now and I'm sure they could benefit from all of our love. I just think it's the right thing to do and maybe fix a hurtful situation that was so un-necessary to happen in the first place. Thanks...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)


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    I saw that too!
    Yes Sue it was a very distrubing response to a frightened father. I'm happy to see it's been removed. Hopefully Bryan will return and see what the group is really all about!