Thyroid hormone levels-help! PLEASE!

My endo left early this year and now his replacement is gone. We have a shortage of endocrinologists here and have been told it could take several months to get in to see one. If this is the case...I want to make sure I have the correct levels required for cancer survivors to give to my doctor. As I know it is not the same standard as non-cancer. Please need to know TSH, T3, T4 and anything else I maybe missing.

I am so discouraged. After a year and 2 1/2 months since my RAI I thought maybe I was starting to feel better. I had a reaction to decongestant with my Synthroid as well as Prilosec. I think it made me super hyper and at first I felt better and then ended up in hospital having to have my heart and everything tested and on oxygen because I could not breathe. I now know it was that I can't take decongestant and Prilosec with my Synthroid. But now I am back to feeling sluggish, in pain, fuzzy thinking and depressed. I can't continue taking synthroid, so thinking of having family doc switch me to Armour. Or pushing to include T3/Synthroid combo. I take 275 mcg of synthroid daily and it is not helping me.

Help would be very appreciated....thank you.


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    I was on 250mcg synthroid
    I was on 250mcg synthroid and it was not cutting it

    when I shifted to the synthroid/cytomel combo i was put on
    200 mcg synthroid and 25mcg cytomel. this seems to help

    curently I get tested for

    THS (Thyrotropin)- my last test was 0.010 Low Micro International Units/mL (0.34-4.82) normal band (this is right for me)
    fT4 (Thyroxine Free)- last test was 1.31 ng/dL (0.59-1.8)normal band
    fT3 (Triiodothyronine Free )my last test was 3.9 pg/mL (2.3-4.2) normal band

    Thyroglobulin Ab my test <20 International Units/mL (<20) normal
    Thyroglobulin <0.10 Low ng/mL (1.15-35.00) normal

    I normaly get tested for all but fT3 (I only ask for the fT3 one about once a year)

    if you get put on a t4/t3 combo or Armour you should get your fT3 checked every so often if you are only on T4(synthroid) then they probaly only need to do that fT3 once.

    My endo wants my fT4 and fT3 to be in the normal to high end of normal and my TSH to be extremly low and suppressed.

    I am curious about your problem with decongestant and prilosec. I am wondering if this is something I may need to worry about.

    being that you are on a similar level of synthroid I was wondering if you have been tested for sleep apnea. (they are testing me on monday/tuesday) this could be the reason you might be getting the tired all the time and fuzzy thinking, depression and such.

    I do not see how Armour will help instead of Synthroid with drug interactions since both are T4 (and everything else in armour).