after treatment scans

Ok, I really need some feedback on this.
July 2006 completed chemo/rad for scc base of tongue. Following November had surgery to remove 5 lymph nodes on side of neck. Cancer free since then.
My ocn who performed the surgery told me he doesn't schedule scans after 2 to 3 years.
My rad/ocn and chemo/ocn are still recommending them once a year, in fact I have a neck and lower abdomen CT scheduled this Friday, the 8th.
What are your ocns recommending to you.
Thanks to all!!
P.S. I'm a newby to this site, so I don't know all the slang and abreviations.


  • Skiffin16
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    I already welcomed you on your first post so, you're old news now...LOL...just teasing.

    I had STGIII SCC Tonsil Cancer HPV+, chemo/rads and tonsils out....finished two years ago.

    I've had CT scans at about every six months and PET Scans a few months after and annually since...working out scheduling my next now actually.

  • sweetblood22
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    Well, it depends on the patient, and their medical history, and condition, and the doctors judgement. I had SCC stage four, with an unknown primary, had a modified neck dissection, my left salivary gland removed with 23 lymph nodes, clean margins, but three were positive for cancer. I did not have chemo, but had 30 rads. My RO feels that in my case, I should not be exposed to more scans. (for one thing, I'm allergic to contrast dye, for another my mouth and tongue were a trainwreck during and after rads, and he always spoke about the high possibility of false positives, and areas lighting up because of treatment.) He told me, that in my case he feels it's a risk vs benefit call, and he sees more risk than benefit. He does order chest X-rays for me though, and I see him and get scoped every six months.

    There are a couple of us that do not get follow up scans.