I was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma skin cancer in 2007 and had 3 surgeries including lymph node removal. Right after surgery, I was diagnosed with lymphedema. It is in my arm, breast and upper quadrent of my trunk. It is severly painful and gets worse with movement, weather, lifting etc. I don't know what to do anymore, I have tried all the manual drainage massage, different types of compression garments, wrapping and I find no relief. Has anyone gone through this also and found something that at least helps a little bit. I also live in Las Vegas which makes using the compression garments in the summer nearly impossible, but I am willing to try anything!!


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    I had stage 3 breast cancer and in 2007 had mastectomy with lymph node removal. Last summer I was diagnosed with lymphedema. I have gone through decongestive therapy, I have a pump and wear compression garments. I live in AZ, so I can feel your pain. In fact, I have noticed now that it is summer again it seems to be swelling more and is more uncomfortable. I found a video in the library that had some exercised that seem to provide me a little relief. Overall, I am amazed at how few options there are and how little support there is for lymphedema. Honestly, dealing with it has been nearly has traumatic as the initial cancer diagnosis.
    In addition, I have had a hard time finding an affordable compression sleeve that fits right. Even the one that I had custom made honestly seems to make it worse in some areas of my arm.
    I'm with you... if anyone has more suggestions- I'd love them!!!