FaithLyons Member Posts: 21
I am 26, and life has changed dramatically within in the past year and a half!

It all started with my mom, she has sarcoidosis, and has alot of ongoing issues with getting very sick, and then my Dad who has Vocal chord cancer, and my mother in law who has dementia.

I try to look after them as best as I can, work, and keep up the homelife, sometimes I catch myself getting burned out, with so many doctors appointments and all the things that just pop up... Does anyone else feel this way?

The only thing that keeps me going is my faith in JESUS, and taking it step by step... I think the hardest thing I face is watching them go through these storms, it hurts me to the core, like why should anyone have to face this stuff...

Any advice that any of U have about caregiving would be greatly appreciated...

Blessings, and thank U for all that U do for your families...