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Norma's post on another thread really interested me. What do we all do? Many of us are around the same age (i.e, postmenopausal), some of us are retired, many aren't. So, I'll start because I've had a career path/life sort of like Forrest Gump (except I didn't get rich).

I'm working on my third retirement. I believe in retiring young and often.

I retired at age 50 from UC Davis School of Medicine where I managed the resources for the medical curriculum. I never planned to return to work again. This was 1998. That's Retirement #1.

I went back to school (never finished college, still haven't). I was interested in fashion design and sewing. Got sidetracked into interior design.

Developed a wonderful and lasting friendship with another woman and we headed off to Texas to a Workroom and Design school. Opened a home based business designing and fabricating window coverings and soft furnishings. This was 1999.

In 2004 I ran into my old boss from UC at Home Depot. Went back to work for him for 4 years as Managing Editor of a veterinary journal. This is Retirement #2. Still had my own my business, but kept it parttime.

Back to business. In 2008 Added embroidery and monogramming.

Got diagnosed with breast and endometrial cancers in April 2010. Did pretty much nothing for about 9 months. Didn't know what I wanted to do (still don't), but knew I was tired of schlepping huge bolts of fabric everywhere. In May 2011, after designing, fabricating and installing 6 roman shades, I said no more of this. Too much work! But still not officially retiring. . . endless possibilities of where to go with this.

About a month ago I got a phone call from a designer asking if I wanted a drapery job. NO! She then asked me if I wanted her job. What? I'm now working with a local Carpet One store. How it works is they call me when someone inquires about window coverings and I make an appointment and deal with it. So far so good. I like being out and about and part of a business.

I don't think I can ever stop working at something, but someday I will likely have a third and final official retirement. Maybe. Many of my friends think I'm nuts, but working challenges me and I like learning new things and meeting new people.




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    You're enjoying life I can truly see. Who tells us we can't try different things and be just showed us you can endure thru cancer and keep on moving with other options. Life is full of wonderul things to do, never ending. When it ends, life is over.

    I've seen my husband start a business and stop and do this over 8 times during 25 years of knowing him. Today guess what, he's jumping into another business in the same industry he keeps going back to...women's shoes! I scratch my head in wonder, why keep staying in this business, but you know what he loves it and just makes his life so full.

    Don't ever stop trying new avenues, as life is full of wonder on each and every path.

    Best to you and keep moving and enjoy your life!!!

    ** sending positive vibes **