Last night I had a dream........

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I was a boxer and a teacher. In the midst of a boxing match, my fellow teachers came to tell me about the state testing results. They told me, my kids needed me, because other people were giving up on them. Additionally, I had LONNNNNNNNG, luxurious dark brown hair in my dream, and I was kicking butt as a boxer! (But still managing to make friends with people on the other team?)

Not sure what all of this means, but I'm hoping it's somewhat precognitive!

This time, next year I'd love to hang up my boxing gloves, braid my long, luxurious hair and reflect positively on all of the kids that I DIDN'T give up on!

Happy Fourth!

Hugs and Healing!



  • Cafewoman53
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    Nice Dream !

    Nice Dream !
  • Mwee
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    You'll make that dream a reality!
    You'll never give up or give in.
    (((HUGS))) Maria
  • poopergirl14052
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    Mwee said:

    You'll make that dream a reality!
    You'll never give up or give in.
    (((HUGS))) Maria

    sweet dreams
    is a wish your heart go girl and hang up those gloves and braid your long hair and this will happen soon, I just know it. Stay strong and sweet dreams from now on..val ps..dream until your dreams come true..Aerosmith
  • Tina Brown
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    Dreams helps us sort our lives out
    What a significant dream. Part of you is boxing (fighting the cancer) and the other part of you is desparately trying to be your normal teacher self. Your mind is trying to come to terms with this dilema and is showing you that you can cope with both demands with help and support from others.

    I too dream about having my long hair back.

    Happy 4th July

    Tina xx
  • Hissy_Fitz
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    Want to hear mine?
    I was in

    Want to hear mine?

    I was in a large audience of some sort, and an announcement was made, asking that anyone wearing a wig identify themselves. I didn't, and being the uber rule-keeper that I am, spent the rest of the event/performance/whatever on pins and needles, worried that my deception would be discovered.

  • kikz
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    I thnk you have pretty much figured out
    what your dream means. I hope all your wishes for next year come true.

  • kayandok
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    Boxer teacher
    I love it! I know you will punch them out cold.

    I tend to have a lot of dreams too. I wonder if it is the meds or an overactive mind?