just starting!

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I am learning as I go along with all of this. One day I went in for a mammogram and the next like normal I am being called back for an ultrasound, then biopsy, sure enough the very beginning stages of ductal carcenoma. My Gyno set up an appt. with a surgeon where he sent me to a plastic surgeon. Had an MRI for the lumpectomy in the left and got called back the very next day to have more tests and another biopsy done. Over a week later went into the surgeons office and he tells me I have the "bad" cancer in the right and suggests a mastectomy. Had surgery double mastectomy and the 1st two lymphnodes removed had cancer so the surgeon took all of them, which weren't cancerous. Thank God! Mean while the plastic surgeon put in expanders. The pain is unbelievable and am told it is from the expanders. I notice something odd on the right side, it was a hole, so I go into the plastic surgeons he tries to fix it but by the next week the hole is twice the size. Had surgery again he removed the right expander and put another one in just didn't fill it up as much. Then I went to an Oncologist who explains men are tards and think all women want is big boobs, and she wished any reconstruction would be done after chemo. I have a dime size area that is like a dip not pretty and open but not a hole. My Oncol. Dr. is watching it and says more women end up doing chemo and having surgery to take out the expanders. I didn't understand why I was sent to the plastic surgeon before the Oncologist. I didn't need a port either, that was freaking me out alittle but the nurse insists I get one. They didn't tell me before I went in for the chemo that I should have drank alot of water, and no caffiene. So yes I didn't drink alot of water but caffeine before I went in and got poked a few times before someone else came and got the IV in.
Why do you have to ask everything? Why don't they offer any info? I was terrified of all the side effects I was waiting to happen right there in the office. I don't know what to expect! When you hair falls out is your scalp tingly or do feel anything at all? I am rambling now.. Sorry Thanks for any guidance.. Tonia