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I am asking a questions for my brother. He had his prostate removed last november due to a cancer diag. Things seem to be well, until now he is experiencing joint pain. Mostly in the early am, in his shoulders and hands, and sometimes in his growing. The pain seems to improve with the day, but starts over at in the morning again. He is having blood work to try to find out what is going on, but I was wondering if this could be a side effect of the removal of the prostate. GP has treated with steriods and it helps, but you cant stay on these for long periords. Has anyone here had a similiar experience? We are grasping at straws, looking for anything. May have nothing to do with prostate, but thought it was worth asking the experts. Thanks for any information you have to offer.


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    Pain in the growing after surgery

    Some posters have reported pain in the growing after surgery for prostate cancer. This is caused from the dissection of the nerves surrounding the gland which usually make part of the operation. However, groin pain could also be a result from abdominal scission or the dissection of lymph nodes, or from any hernia repair at the time of operation.
    Pain in the shoulders and hands is difficult to understand but it could be due to severed nerves or due to the position during operation (typical of Radical Perinea Prostatectomy) where the patient leys heavy on the shoulders, but such is not natural six months after surgery.

    Pain in the bones caused by cancer is also a possibility. However, metastasis to the bone should be seen at diagnosis. You could inquire at your brother’s doctor if any image study (bone scan or MRI) has been done which would reveal probable cancer spots.
    The PSA before treatment and now after surgery is also an important indicator for any advance of the disease. I wonder if you have any information regarding the pathological report given to your brother after surgery. It also contains data which can give you a better idea about the aggressiveness of his cancer.

    I hope this insight is of help.
    Wishing a good recovery to your brother.