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I had my last chemo on June 21 and a PET scan done on July 1. The results of my PET scan showed that there are 2 spots, one near each collar bone, that have pruned like raisens. My oncologists said that they are dead and may just be scar tissue. He said I have the choice of doing extra chemo just to be sure they got everything. He didnt seem too concerned about it and I will be monitored monthly for the next 6 months. So I'm thinking "NO". I really don't want any more chemo then what I need. Besides the chemo that I had been recieving can cause cancer, especially leukemia. I would think getting extra chemo would make my chances of getting cancer again greater. I will be getting a CT scan in 3 months and a another PET scan 3 months after that. I think I want to wait 3 months until my CT scan and if there are any changes than get the extra chemo. What do you guys think?


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    You sure got your results
    You sure got your results quickly, good for you!

    I need more clarification on the PET scan results. Did the areas "light up"? If so, then you still have active disease. In that case, yes I'd get the other rounds of chemo. I'm more interested in what's happening with my body right now, if something else happens, I'll deal with it when and if I have to.

    I still have tumors that show on scans but do NOT show activity on PET scans, I have no evidence of active disease. Since there's no disease, then there's no reason for more chemo.

    I'm anxious to see what other's have to say and what you decide to do. When is your next Onco appointment ? Try to relax and enjoy your weekend.
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    Same here..
    Hi Michelle,
    If your PET scan didn't "light" up, then I would probably do the "wait and watch" routine for the next few months. After my 6 rounds of CVP-R, I still had one tumor under my collar bone that showed less shrinkage than the others...hence,I was deemed stable, instead of in remission. My Onc said we could do 2 more rounds of CVP-R and then see if the tumor got smaller, but felt it really wasn't necessary, so we ended the CVP-R at 6 rounds. He then decided to give me the Rituxan maint every other month, instead of every 6 months, with the theory being...R given more often would "probably" put me in remission and the remaining tumor would stay stable. My last CT Scan showed a slight decrease in the tumor size, but nothing significant. My Onc still feels all is well and if nothing new shows up..(new lumps or symptoms), my next scan will be done in a year. It's a drag getting the R every other month, but on the other hand, I'm comforted knowing "something" is being used to combat progression. It's so hard to know whats the best thing to do. If "you" are comfortable waiting the 3 months and your doctor feels comfortable, then why not go ahead and enjoy the rest of the summer chemo free...sounds good to me. I think our chemo stays in our body after finishing treatment and then continues to work for 6 mo's or more, so thats good to remember. Let us know what you decide to do. Hope you have a "Happy 4th of July". Much love...Sue