staging cancer

Is the staging of cancer done before and after surgery?



  • taraHK
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    good question
    I think before surgery, the docs try to stage the cancer, based on all available information. However, I think the definitive diagnosis can't be made until after surgery, as they may discover additional information (for example, if any lymph nodes are affected).

  • Buckwirth
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    Normally after
    however, sometimes it is done based on the results of a scan.

    I was dx'd Stage IV based on the scans showing distant lymph node involvement, and my medical team deciding that surgery would affect my quality of life negatively with no statistical evidence that it would increase my life expectancy.
  • geotina
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    Hi Tessa:
    George was staged before his colon resection since the CT showed mets to the liver and lungs he was automatically a Stage IV at diagnosis.

    Hugs - Tina
  • John23
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    Tessa -

    Tara's comment is right on target! Scans are great tools, but a
    definitive answer can only be had after surgery.

    There are many factors that can make a normal occurrence
    appear as cancer. Fat build-up, calcium, Granuloma, etc.,
    are too often interpreted as "possible cancer", when one is
    looking for "possible cancer".

    The question we should be considering, is if we want to accept
    that diagnosis, and begin treatments of harsh, carcinogenic
    chemicals and radiation to address what might not be needed
    to be addressed at all.

    After years of "the industry" treating Prostrate cancer, they now
    have found that the cancer grows so slowly, that no treatment
    is most often the better choice.

    Fear drives all too many into remedies that are later to be found
    to be not needed or required. Perhaps that's why many of the
    "alternatives' seem to work as well?

    I ponder that concept often!

    One thing is for certain however....... There are no alternatives
    that can cause as much harm as the radiation and/or chemicals
    presently being used.

    We all have valid choices; whatever works for -you-, is best
    -for you-.

    Best of health!