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Well, a while ago I posted about my dad's experience with the MIE and numerous complications thereafter. However, I am pleased to report that dad has been doing much better lately. Although he is still in ICU, he makes progress everyday. Physical therapy has been coming in and, even though he has been in a bed for 7 weeks, he was able to stand by himself for a little while. They are still monitoring the stent and leak, but we are hopeful that it will continue to heal. He has been on the trach mask for 26 hours, which is an indication that he will not longer need the vent! Currently, they are talking about moving him to UPMC Montefiore at some point next week for continued monitoring and rehab. I must say that this has been one hell of a ride. We are hoping that the worst is behind us and that we continue to make progress.

On a side note, for those of you who have been to Presby and met Dr. DeDelva (they also call him Dr. Pierre), who is one of Dr. L's associates, yesterday was his last day. He took a position in Mississippi I believe. Although he always seemed to be the bearer of bad news for us, he was a doctor who truly cared. We really came to like him.



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    good to hear
    Hi Tom,
    It is good to hear of your Dad's progress. It has been quite a bumpy road, but it sounds like your Dad is rallying and getting better. As you said, one hell of a ride, but it is so good to hear the good news that your Dad continues to progress. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Dad and your family. take care,
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