pancreatic cancer / Creon - 24,000 Units

My husband was diagnosed w/pancreatic cancer on 05/26 and since has had his pancreas removed and is at home recovering. He now has to take Creon - 24,000 Units with every meal. He only has Medicare A & B coverage but not D. We paid the full price ($589) through Rite Aid. In our search for assistance to help us pay for Creon, we found out that because we are not at the poverty level, we do not qualify for programs (e.g.; Abbott Company - makers of Creon, Medical, Partnership for assistance - Can anyone offer us any information in lowering the Creon cost?


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    Creon costs
    Hello - my tumor is at the head of the pancreas but I'm diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma at this time and for the past 2 years. I've been on chemo the past full year and the diarrhea has been dibilitating, up to 22 times a day. Unable to leave the house most days until a new Gastro Dr. put me on Creon 12000 units capsules 6 weeks ago. I can't believe the drastic difference - I'm now out and about and feel so much better! I just have a $25 co-pay with my insurance company paying $262 for 189 tablets. I talked with my Dr. two days ago and he said Creon has a generic form and we'll talk Aug. 4 about giving it a try. Have you looked into this? Your dosage is twice mine - how many pills a day do you take? I'm taking 2 at breakfast and dinner and that seems to be the right amount. Fran in Florida