Hi all: It's been a long battle for me so far, but I am slowly coming through this. I have three chemos left and god willing I will be finished on July 15, 2011 ( 16 more days to go). Had a little set back yesterday as my hemoglobin is down and I have to have a transfusion on July 5th( Tuesday) but they are still going with the 3rd last chemo tomorrow.
Mostly I have been feeling great. The last two chemos have put me to bed for 1 day and my strength slowly comes back within 3 days totally. It is no wonder if my hemogloblin is down the last two chemos took me down. I am trying to look at this like it is a oil change and my energy will come back stronger and I will be able to finish the chemo on time.
I am looking forward to getting this picc line out and being able to fully soak all of my body in a tub a hot water up to my neck and to take my four year old daughter swimming with what is left of summer.
They have a CT scan for me on July 26th to see what is happening, but even with the last scan they couldn't see anything there anyway. I then have a routine follow up exam with the radiation oncologist on August 11, and I am hoping to be free of doctors are the next three months. Time to find my "new normal" and to live happy without tears and anxiety for just awhile.

I have been staying strong for the most part. Somedays I have a cry by myself just to let out the emotion I am feeling. Physically the scars may heal but emotionally and mentally those scars are going to take sometime to heal. I am remaining upbeat that I will beat this and have to count my blessing that they caught it early Stage 2, even though I was having no sysmptoms. The Lord gave me great doctors who went beyond the call of duty and were dilligent.

While I am sad that I am not working at the moment this has given me time to spend with my four year old and I won't change that for the world. She is so wise beyond her years and helps mommy when she is not feeling good. She and my husband are my whole reason for fighting as hard as I am. I want to live at least 20 more years to see her graduate from university.

My doctors say that I am on cruise control and and cruising through this and they haven't seen anyone like me before. As the end gets closer I am getting more emotional about it all, but I have learned I am stronger then I ever thought I was and a cry every now and then is a good thing.

I hope that everyone else who is surviving through this horrible disease is doing well. Faith and hope and determination are getting me through this. Until next time.