Any ladies live in or near Houston possibly going to MDA?

sudawilson Member Posts: 9
Would love to correspond with breast cancer ladies in and around the Houston area. My email is [email protected]. I'm doing A/C now (had one treatment) and then on to T/H. Would love to hear from you!


  • Ticky
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    Houston Area
    Hi Sauda

    I am a five year breat cancer survivor. I had a right breast masectomy and a left lumpectomy.
    I have been through chemo and radiation. I had my treatment a St. Lukes but I am scheduled to start volunteer work in the M.D.Anderson gift shop very soon. As soon as my backgroud check clears they will call me with a start date. Are you going to have your treatments at MDA?


  • mruczko
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    Hi Suda:
    I have had my treatment at Memorial Hermann, Memorial City, which is close to my home. Husband and I are "old folks" and it made it so much easier for us. Please let me know how you are doing.