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We have a thread on recipes and there's been a lot of discussion about turmeric. This isn't a recipe and isn't really about turmeric - it's just something easy and absolutely delicious that I found at Trader Joe's that fits the criteria. It does contain some sugar, but it does not contain soy (I avoid soy having had estrogen positive breast cancer and my endo cancer was probably estrogen positive as well). Turmeric is listed as one of the ingredients. Does not list any preservatives, is labelled vegan, but doesn't say organic. Can't have everything when buying prepared food. (I'm really not too lazy to cook, but I do like easy).

Masala Vegetable Burgers. Frozen section. OMG they're delicious!




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    I am always trying to find easy to fix things that are good for me and the rest of the family. I work 12 hr days and by the time I come home cooking dinner is the last thing I want to do. Anything that saves time is welcome.

    I will look for it here in some of the other stores. Thanks for sharing!!!