Pancreatic Cancer

minnaray Member Posts: 4
My husband was diagnosed w/pancreatic cancer on 05/26 and since has had his pancreas removed and is at home recovering. He now has to take Creon - 24,000 Units with every meal. He only has Medicare A & B coverage but not D. We paid the full price ($589) through Rite Aid. In our search for assistance to help us pay for Creon, we found out that because we are not at the poverty level, we do not qualify for special programs (e.g.; Abbott Company - makers of Creon, Medical, Partnership for assistance - Can anyone offer us any information in lowering the Creon cost? Thank you.


  • hwhitlaw
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    I can't offer any ideas for the enzyme, but I can offer support to you both for this situation. My husband had a full Whipple on May 2 and we are daily dealing with the effects of that surgery that took away his visible cancer but left us with all these secondary effects that are brutal. Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and I hope you are able to find a way to continue with the enzymes, cause they help. Heather