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Recently at the farmers market a very healthy woman in her 50s was selling fermented foods. the health benefits of them can be researched on the internet. She introduced me to a tea she said it was made with a fermented mushroom. she said it would help with digestion and give me a refreshing cleanse, and to top it off a boost of energy, ( remember i am at the farmers market no bathrooms.) So I reluctantly but willingly ( wanting a refreshing cleanse since i was bound up). took her sample, expecting to be instantly euphoric and possible psychedelic and have a boost of energy and a refreshing cleanse to boot. A Quadfecta effect. Well none of the above happened right away. however several hours later, a day later to be exact after one more small shot of Tea, The cleanse hit and O BOY, yes I was refreshed, energized and a little euphoric.

I am not promoting this in anyway, but it is worth a try and you can decide for yourself.

But as far as i am concerned Kombucha is something i will be adding to my diet.

Best of times