AYSE -- How are you doing? That nasty infection -- gone ?

VickiSam Member Posts: 9,079 Member
Thinking and praying that all is well with you, and your health.

Vicki Sam


  • Jean 0609
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    Thinking about you too Ayse!
    Hope things are better.

  • aysemari
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    Thanks for thinking of me (:
    I am feeling much, much better. I went back to the ER since it got worse
    and this time I got a nice doctor. With a great sense of humor and smart
    too. I told him that I thought I had dead tissue that caused the infection,
    the others kept telling me it's just a scab but I knew better it was my 2nd
    time and I have seen it before. He had the guts to lift and look underneath
    it and yep.. dead tissue, he removed it for me not without funny comments
    and compliments, he was great.

    And my sweetie has been great, he renews my bandages and takes good
    care of the wound. I will see my new plastic surgeon on 7/14. Let's see if
    we can't get lefty to cooperate better.