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I just saw your reply about NWestern. My mom had an opinion early on with Dr. Shenk (SP?) at Northwestern. He was fantastic. She couldn't be treated there because of her insurance at the time. She goes to Rush and sees Dr. Rotmensch. He is known to be one of the best (perhaps THE best in the area).

I know someone who lived 7 years longer than her prognosis because of the Block Center in Evanston (She had breast cancer that was in her bones and in her liver). That is a wonderful complimentary care center. My mom has not gone there, but she has done some of her own research into diet and other ways to create an anti-cancer atmosphere in her body. I have Dr. Block's book and have referred to it for my mom.



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    Eward Thank you.
    Hi Eileen,

    Julian C. Schink, MD is fantastic. I have been "in the game" since January 2007.

    I heard Dt. Rotmensch speak at Gilda's Club and I was very impressed. We are both fortunate to have such great care. I am going to the Block Center. I will let you know how it goes.

    Thank you for your response. Does your Mom live on the Northside? I am in Edgewater.

    My best to you and your Mom,


    I just saw your second report. Love and prayers. Connie