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Hi all:

Hope this does right this time. When I went to preview my post; it gave me some weird message about post splitting and had the date as December 31, 1969! Weird! Anyway since tomorrow (the 28th) is our 36th wedding anniversary I thought I'd put a new pix in. Obviously it's when we got married so it's 36 years old! I'm still going to go to the movies tomorrow but will probably hold off on Longhorn's till Friday the 1st as I must have popcorn at the movies! Besides it was July 1 last year when we found out the cancer was back and the 8th when we knew how bad it was. I also will be doing crafts with Bible school at church the next four nights so I'll probably need a lift then too. And then on the 6th my sister-in-law, (my brother Richard, the one that passed away in Oct. after Charlie in Aug. his wife) and my niece are stopping by here on their way home from FL for a visit and hopefully my niece will relieve me of my teaching materials and I can get rid of my storage unit finally! And then on the 13th my best friend is coming down and we'll leave on the 14th and drive to Albany, GA and visit with my aunt (the mother of my cousin that passed away last April with cancer). She will be 93 on the 10th and then we'll head to Thomasville to my brother and sister-law's for a long weekend. So I have a pretty busy schedule next week. My friend Brooke's husband is coming over on the 8th and finish doing the stuff my brother didn't get finished for me around the house. So that'll be nice. I'll probably spend a quiet 4th of July with my boys! I must tell y'all that I picked my first tomato last week which was quiet good and I finally got the part replaced on the gas grill and did cook hamburgers on the grill Sat. night for me and the boys. All these were firsts for me since Charlie did all that. I got so excited when I heard the burgers sizzling that I said out loud, "Charlie, did you hear that, they're sizzling, that mean they're cooking." They were quiet good if I do say so myself. Doesn't take much to excite me! Anyway, everybody have a wonderful 4th and I'll let you know how everything went. God Bless and as always love y'all, I honestly don't know what I'd do without my csn buds!

Jan (Basketcase)


  • Greend
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    Sounds Great
    Enjoy the schedule :>) Sounds like a lot of fun in a short time.
  • Skiffin16
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    Burgers in the House
    Photo looks great Jan..., you've learned well how to do it.

    MMMM, are making me hungry, I was just setting up plans to grill some myself this evening.

  • Hondo
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    Hi Jan
    I too must agree you sound like your plate is full and running over with everything you have planned.

    Be-safe in your travels; and all the best to you my friend
  • Pam M
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    Great Pic
    It's just one of those pictures that make you feel good when you look at it. I think it's a good call to have the movie one night, and dinner out another. That way you can pig on popcorn (and soft drinks). You're making me a little tired just reading about your schedule - but in a good way. Enjoy, and be safe.