18, beat cancer but no one to celebrate with

ive almost given up finding someone to be with. no one wants to date a stupid bald chick. ive had to go through what was suppose to be the best year of high school with cancer. senior year became the worst. everyday i had to deal with other kids starring at me. all the confindence i had to ask people out went right down the drain. i would like to date someone that has/had cancer just becuase they could understand but there is no one in my area...


  • BeacherBum
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    Congrats on beating the big
    Congrats on beating the big C. Sorry I cant help with the dating thing, but I can suggest stupidcancer.com to talk to people.
  • HootieGirl
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    Things will get better, just
    Things will get better, just keep your chin up! You have a whole life ahead of you so enjoy it. Your won't be bald forever. Stupid cancer is a great site to connect with other young people. Praying for you!

  • CatherineGarcia
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    Congrats on beating such

    Congrats on beating such deadly disease and winning the cancer fight. I would recommend you to enjoy this new life, work on your self and be happy. the people who know you will definitely understand the thing. Also, if you are looking for someone to come into your life be friendly with the and initiate the talking while you are around people.