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Is there really some hope?

HI. I'm new here and apologize for jumping in with a long post but figured I may get a true picture here.

My hubs is 53 and was diagnosed end of May. We are still in the staging process (taking too long in my opinion) but he has Adenocarcinoma, a 6 cm tumor with type 1 and 2 cells. The CAT scan showed the local lymph nodes were high normal and nothing more than the tumor. We are waiting for the results of the PET, and the EUS is scheduled.

Moe's dad was a EC survivor at age 60 in 1980, back when no one survived. He passed in 2000 from unrelated health issues. It's my hope that the genes his dad passed to him that gave him high chances of getting EC also came with those great survivor genes that beat it back in the days when know one survived, let alone lived a full and active life. (his dad had 2 surgeries plus chemo yet regained enough healthy to play golf well into his 70s).

Because of Moe's dad, we've been upbeat and positive, taking on a fighter's attitude, and educating ourselves. Since the diagnoses we've had a few people come forward telling us they know of this person or that person who survived with stents and chemo and are doing well. I'm being told by friends that GREAT advances have been made in the past 2 years on EC and the statistics published are no longer accurate. But the more I study, everything I read is so dismal and discouraging, and the GI doctor who diagnosed him was grave.

We are currently seeing doctor's at a local hospital for the tests, then are consulting with a team at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA. the day following the EUS.

I realize the long and painful fight we are in for, but I am afraid of becoming discouraged by everything I read. We haven't had many heart-to-hearts with the doctors themselves as of yet, I am sure that will be coming soon and will give us a better idea. I'm not looking for a rosey painted picture but am interested in knowing if there really have been great advances from the people who are experiencing this disease, not heresay.


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    Hello and Welcome, This is a
    Hello and Welcome, This is a bad cancer to have, but yes there is LOTS of hope. Treatment has come a long way. I too, was scared to death when I read all the glum, but we are each an individual, not a statistic. We all react differntly to treatment.

    I was diagnosed in Nov.2007 with stage three. I had pre-op chemo and surgery in May 2008.I have been cancer free since. I've learned to take each day one at a time. I don't know what is ahead, but today is good. It was a very bad journey, but the results has been worth it.

    We have some great people on here that you will be hearing from. We will be here for you to help in any way we can. There is nothing you are going through now or will be in the future that someone hasn't experienced. If you just need a hug, don't hesitate to ask, we'll send it your way.

    My prayers are with you and your husband in the next few days. The waiting for testing results is so very hard.

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    unknown said:

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    Thank you
    Thank you Sandy for the welcome, and to William and Loretta for the mountain of info you have given me. You are kind and compassionate people.
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    Good luck in this journey
    It is always sad that yet another person has been diagnosed with EC and is seeking help and support. You have come to a great place. There are so many on this discussion board who have helpful information. We are like family here and have always expressed our experiences with great emotion because we care so deeply. Please check in with us often. We want to cheer you on and offer assistance where we can. Our best to you all.
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    I, too, am new here
    I appreciate your having started this string as it has already been helpful to me. I am most encouraged by some of the agressive treatment others have received. I have just left a passive Oncologist for one I feel is more agressive.
    We can beat this!