Squamus cell carcinoma

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do most of yall on here have squamous cell carcinoma?

Is it similar to the SCC that the people with skin cancer have, do you know?

i just happend to go on their site and it scared the jibbies out of me because so many of them had it come back over and over. Mine is SCC and it has recurred in ethmoid sinus into orbital area of eye. It started in my nasal cavity.


  • fisrpotpe
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    from what I am told and anyone please correct me if I am wrong

    S = Squamous (which mean surface cell)

    C = Cell

    Carcinoma = type of cancer

    They told me because mine was unknown primary it could have started anywhere on a surface of skin out side mouth, in mouth, in throat etc. That is why call surface cell. I imagine it can go anywhere. The difference being if it starts in head and neck area it remains in the head and neck area including the lungs.
  • Skiffin16
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    Yep, same...it's a soft tissue cancer, can be external or internal....

    Mine was primary tonsils, secondary single lymphnode on the same side...STG III SCC HPV+.

    I have a neighbor that has had it s few times on her lower leg, another on top of the ear.