I had Estrogen + what vitamins or other meds do you take

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I've been on femara now 1 month and so far so good joint pain but i can handle it so far, onc.Dr. told me i could take anything, if i needed something for headaches or sinuses well the only other thing I'm taking now is 1000mg12 100mg B6 and i was taking 1000mg of D but i had started having breakouts from it is there a such thing as to much D vit.? at first i thought it was the femara but i realized i was itching before i started the femara I haven't took the D in two days and no break outs. do i need to be on calcium or something for my bones my onc. didn't say anything about it.MOLYZ


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    Talk to your Drs
    I've been on Femara for 17 mths with no pain or other SEs. Well tht isn't conpletely true - I do have pain in my back but the area the pain is in is where I've had arthritis for YEARS so I don't think it has anything to do with the Femara - my PA doesn't either.

    For me, I take calcium with D in it, a vit. D, a super B complex and K (potassium). I have a hard time keeping up enough vit D - have for years and have lots of problems with SAD so I make sure I get enough. I find that the B gives me more energy. Since about 1/2 way through the 12 Taxol, K has been a big problem for me so I take a mega dose of it daily to keep the level in the 'normal' range though it's always on the low side of 'normal'. If I forget to take it - I pay with really bad lower leg and foot cramps that go away when I take it. Surprisingly it wasn't my Chemo Dr who caught it though he saw my weekly blood work but rather my PA when I went to see her for something unrelated.

    We are all so different so talk with your Drs. before starting any suppliments.
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    I have been on Femara for 9 months and so far so good. My medical onc. had me do a bone density scan before I started. Because my bones are not what they should be I take calcium with vitamin D every day. He also prescribed the generic of Fosamax the once a week calcium supplement. I would say if you have concerns ask your dr. again.