My first chemo

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I think I could have driven myself but I was more relaxed I guess, and enjoy talking with driver/friend. It went without a problem. I'm pleasantly surprised. Maybe the problems are yet to come, hopefully NOT! The nurses and staff are wonderful in the small city I go to. Since it was first time, I was there 4 and 1/2 hours. I had a book and puzzles, had to get instructions, also. No nausea yet, but I have the prescripts I need and this PM I go for shot to build up my white cells. Hope everyone is having a good, healing day! I welcome contact from others. I'll keep in touch. TY


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    First Chemo
    I so glad it went well for you. I just finished 6 straight months of weekly chemo. I had no nausea or any problems at all. I slept throught the entire infusion because of the pre meds they gave me. Now I go once every three weeks. The worst part for me was the needle. After so many IVs my veins started to roll and it was difficult to find a vein. But I'm not complaining things could have been worse. Best regards.
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    I'll bet you anything you're
    I'll bet you anything you're one of those people that do quite well with chemo. There is some build-up, but I never got really sick. I did lose my sense of taste, but that was no big deal.


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    First Chemo 6/24/11
    Hi, I had my first chemo today. Went well, I have a port, they put it in yesterday, best thing to have done, no more needle sticks. Slept for 3 hours this afternoon and thinking about going to bed now. Have a slight headache, nothing bad, i also have anethesia in me yet from yesterday. They gave me Emend to take on pill 1 hour before chemo and then a nausea intervenous and steriods, then adryimician (sp) and cytocten took about 2 hours. Feeling OK so far.

    Hope all goes well for you declan