Low Dose Naltrexone and Cancer - please read.

Low Dose Naltrexone is not accepted as "standard of care" for Cancer treatment currently, but patients should be aware that nearly 60% who use LDN do not die from their disease, compared to two or three percent with chemotherapy. I suggest anyone faced with Cancer to try LDN first under either Dr. Burt Berkson or Dr. Terry Grossman as you do have time. Educate yourself about how this works along with IV Alpha Lapoic Acid to actually "CURE" even Pancreatic Cancer. For those who are surviving after the Whipple procedure, LDN can be a safeguard to keep cancer from returning.
LDN is FDA approved and is currently in many successful trials for MS and was just FDA approved for Chrone's Disease with 90% effectiveness! Currently over 100,000 patients use LDN to raise their immune system 300% so ones own body can do what its designed to do... fight cancer and other diseases.
I lost my Patricia to Pancreatic Cancer last November as I researched LDN to the dismay of our Oncologist, but even he admitted I was on the right track but it was too late to save her. LDN is inexpensive, effective and has no side effects. Dr. Grossman cured a terminal Renal cancer patient using Chemo, ALA and LDN, you tube: Lowdosenaltrexone Grossman.
Berksons first stage 4 Pancreatic is now a nine year cancer free survivor!

Dr. Stan Burzynski is curing all forms of Cancer especially Brain using Antioplastons at 60% to 70% and is currently in phase three clinical trials.
I also reccomend that everyone read Susanne Somers "Knockout" and educate yourself on what the real pioneers are doing with "curing" Cancer.

Google: Lowdosenaltrexone
Honest medicine Berkson

You Tube: Lowdosenaltrexone
Berkson LDN 09 NIH

I hope this information can help as I wish I had known this a year ago, George


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    Hi George

    I am very sorry to hear about Patricia but glad to see you are a fighter and still trying to help others. I don’t know what type of C she had but if you get a chance I am from the Head & Neck please pay us a visit.

    I don’t know anything about LDN or ALA but will do my research and see what I can find out on it.

    Thanks you so much for your help my friend, also welcome to CSN.