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Hi June

I am also Stage 1 grade 3 but have USPC. Had my last scan in October 2010 right after I finished chemo. He also said last week when I went for my check up that unless there is a problem he doesn't like to run CT scans to often. SO i go back today with the cramping/bloating/pressure issue and they think it might be a bladder infection. So i gave them a sample of my urine and they said they would either call me back today if its positive for an infection OR if they have to run a culture on it (meaning check the white cells-check for blood-check for protein etc) then I will not hear anything until Friday afternoon. If nothing turns up in either of these urine tests then he says they will scan me and by that I think he meant an ultrasound of the bladder or an x-ray of the bladder and finally if that shows nothing then they will do another Ct scan. So I will keep you posted as this mystery



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    Thank you
    Hi Michaelyn: Thank you for taking the time to write to me personally. I am sure everything is okay, just side effects of the devil's medicine. Be well, until I hear from you. June