chemo bucket??

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I never heard of this but I was talking to other cancer survivors from 5or6 years ago and they had buckets by their chairs during chemo tx. There wasn't Emend back then When I told them never threw up they were truly amazed. They said the chemo room was very smelly. Having cancer is bad enough but I am grateful for the new nausea drugs. Have any of you bee through this or heard of it..val


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    That would have done me in. My dad worked on a rescue squad and he said nothing he saw bothered him, unless the patient vomited. I guess it must be genetic.
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    I never vomited during
    I never vomited during chemo, though I did pass out the first time. I have seen other patients get sick, but not often. The nurses got it cleaned up really quickly and I did not smell anything.

    I would be repulsed by a bunch of used "barf buckets" sitting around. Hopefully the nurses clean these up immediately after use.