would you believe I lost my wig!!

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Last time I saw it was on my head. Can't blame chemo brain since I have been of chemo for 2 months. I was at work and I became very warm so I took it off and put on my hat. Oh well I hate that thing anyway but I need it for at least a few more weeks as my hair is coming back and is about an inch long. I am embarised if one of my co-workers find it and think it's a dead animal. Hope you all have a good laugh, I did and so did hubby...val


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    Yes you made me laugh
    Val, you are so funny. I have to tell you that one day I pulled my wig off and laid it on the chair next to my bed. Yes, I got hot too, so I just pitched it. Well... the dog got it and the chase was on. Yep, you guessed it, I had to get a new one.

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    if you only had one
    You can get a wig from Rosewll Park, you do not have to be a patient there ,just a cancer patient. Also you can get one from the American Cancer Society. I am still having chemo brain months after the chemo, Sorry your story made me laugh because it is something I would do. I hope you find it soon
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    Did you find the wig? I had
    Did you find the wig? I had not considered wearing one. I am hot natured and really tend to overheat. Are the wigs hot?
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    That's a good one! Blame it
    That's a good one! Blame it on the chemo brain. I'm 9 months out of chemo and still using it as an excuse :) The only other thing I can blame is just plain vanilla age related memory glitches, and that scares my family more than the chemo, so I'm getting my money's worth from the chemo brain business!

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    That sounds like something I
    That sounds like something I would do. Lol! I just got a new wig on Monday from the American Cancer Society but don't where it since it is sooooo hot, especially in Fl.