Mom Needs Prayer Part 2

Karen82 Member Posts: 41
I have a good question here. I don't have all the answers to this one. How do you mend a broken heart??? My mom was admitted into the hospital 7:00 am yesterday and they transferred her to the hospital that specializes in heart problems. I was told by the doctor that she may have had a heart attack. I was told when they transferred her that she did have a heart attack on the interior (inside) wall of her heart. They took her to the cath lab to find out if she had any blockages. It turns out that they did not find a one. She is back in an ICU setting that is more like ICU hours and back on vent, pic line, and the whole nine yards. She has a new dx now and the common name is Broken Heart Syndrome. It is due to stress caused by death of a loved one unexpectedly or a feeling of impending dume. It has the symptoms of a heart attack but is not your typical heart attack. The thing that gives it away is there were no blockages. It is deadly but you can bounce back from it faster than a regular heart attack. It is caused by a overload of hormones that keep your mind stable and adrenline. It can take a few days to 2 weeks to fully recover. It can also cause fluid in the lungs. The damage is reversible from what I have read. The overload of hormones have stunned the heart causing the heart to not pump blood efficiently. They don't know how much of her heart is affected. It also causes the heart to enlarge for a short period of time. Emotional problems and depression can also cause this. She has fluid in her lungs again.
My kids stress her out. Before she left the hospital the first time, the doctor treating her said that basically because of the dx of Ovarian Cancer Stage 4 is only treated like palitive care for cancer. I think this call should have been the cancer doctor to tell her this because he knows how much of the cancer he got and how well she responded to treatments instead of the lung specialist telling her this who doesn't know the first thing about her or her history. I am also wondering if he sent her home too early with fluid still in her lungs and she did not really eat anything at all. My mom's last chemo was doxil about 1-2 months ago. Her cancer doctor would not have sent her home without building up her appetite first. Sorry for rambling just have lots and lots of going on and I guess I just needed to get it all out. Any comments and prayers are more than welcome. I was also at work when I found all of this out. Thanks for listening as always.