Cholangiocarcinoma - Advanced Stage

My wife was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in Sept 2010

She had her left lobe of the liver disected with a clear margin.

She proceeded with Chemotherapy but her condition worsened! She has had several different Chemo protocols but with no sgnificant results. Seems like the tumors are everywhere!!

Anyone have any advise on alternate treatments available?


  • rrtoon1
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    XiWang, sorry to hear your situation. My wife was diagnosed recently (in April 2011) with Intraheptic Cholangiocarcinoma. Unfortunately her primary tumor is so large that she is inoperable. She is currently taking Chemo (Gemsar and Sisplatin). After her next cycle we get another PET scan to see if any changes have occurred.
    I have heard a very high Akaline diet is the way to go with these types of cancers. The Ph of the body is very important and since most everything is processed by the Liver, the diet really helps. Sorry that is all I have. I am very new to this stressful situation.