Had a break from bone mets

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I am looking for others that may have broken a bone due to bone mets. I broke my humerus in half last October due to spots in the bone. I have had surgery and a pin put in. I still have discomfort at the sight of the break. More so after a lot of use. Sometimes it is sore to the touch. The ortho guy says I still have some lesions albeit shrinking. Other sites of mets to the bone will cause some pain, especially my legs. The pain is under control with pain meds. I am wondering if physical therapy would help. Docs don't really know. I am searching for others with reccurance, especially with bone mets. It seems I went from totally athletic with daily sore/ stiff stuff to a wreck right after the break. Just wanting to connect with others for some comparison, ideas, support. It sure seems different this time with cancer. After a fourteen year sybatical from cancer, I am still in shock it's back.
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    I wish I could answer your
    I wish I could answer your questions Deborah, but, I can't. But, I wanted to make sure the other pink sisters see your post, so maybe they can help you.

    Sending you prayers and a hug,

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    Haven't broken any bones... yet
    But my lower spine is holier than thou, and is causing trouble with my legs, where the tumors in y right femur are not looking much better.

    I can totally relate to the difference between the bone mets and the original cancer. I went from being totally active to just shy of a disabled person. I am most affected by the tumors in my lower back and legs, although on some days there is not a bone in my body that doesn't feel like a bad tooth-ache. However, the pain meds take care of most of the pain in my body, but haven't had much luck with anything in the tailbone, lower back area, and my mobility is declining rapidly!

    Please keep posting, I am always grateful to hear some of what others with stage iv bonemets is doing and have learned so much from others.
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    I broke 3-4 ribs in
    I broke 3-4 ribs in 2005...long story, but it took until 2009 to get a rib biopsy and to learn that the ribs all had mets. I had had a 22 year remission before being dignosed with the mets in 2009.

    The pain was pretty bad then and I too needed pain meds, but after radiation, zometa and arimidex, the pain is much, much better. I sometimes still have pain after long car rides. I never had PT, but I'm not sure what they could do for ribs? In general though, I think PT is a great idea and it has helped me with other issues.